Kelsey Perrykkad

Kelsey Perrykkad (previously Palghat) has an interdisciplinary background, working between cognitive science and philosophy.

Her PhD is about how putting together predictive processing theories of the self and autism spectrum conditions might lead us to better understand self-cognition in autism. She is using eye-tracking and behavioural measures in a judgement of agency task, along with other projects.

Before starting her PhD at Monash, Kelsey worked at the Queensland Brain Institute as a Senior Research Assistant and the EEG lab manager. There, she studied the sense of agency, the intersection between education and neuroscience in real classrooms (with the SLRC) and neural correlates of motor preparation in naturalistic movements. She simultaneously worked for the Autism CRC, as a Senior Research Officer under the Classroom Acoustics Project, which tested the efficacy of sound field systems in improving the classroom environment for autistic children.

Primary PhD Supervisor: Jakob Hohwy

Associate Supervisor: Sharna Jamadar



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Public Engagement:

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