Ricardo Perera

My PhD research focuses on Predictive Processing accounts of language processing and Cognitive Penetrability. Against the passive, modular approach to sensory stimuli processing, which considers input systems as informationally encapsulated and that are not affected by global processes, I intend to argue for the view that higher processes give clues to lower, cognitively penetrable processes that can help the latter minimise prediction errors. Each level, although possibly blind to the specific type of property analysed by the others, could predict and process its domain-specific features of the upcoming stimulus by having prior access to information from other levels. I consider penetrability as a matter of degree, such that perception could be more or less affected by higher-level processes as a function of the combination of PP variables such as higher-level prediction strength and degree of specificity, perceptual expectations of precision and actual input precision.

Primary PhD Supervisor: Jakob Hohwy

Associate Supervisor: Monima Chadha